I have an N reading on one or more cells during the dive on the primary display individual cell-reading screen.

There may be several reasons for this reading.

The 3mm jack pin connection with the cell may be corroded. These can be cleaned with a soft brush and contact cleaner or white vinegar.

The cell may have become unplugged. Note. If this has happened the cell reading on Primary and Backup display will be "0.00".

The cell may be passed its usable life, below 20% on the Primary display and below 8.0mv on the Backup display.

Note. If a cell experiences an error during a dive the BLUE/GREEN alarm will show on the HUD. The diver can then access the cell-reading screen via DVO and switch the affected cell from N to D (Disabled). This will inhibit the Alarm on the HUD. The diver MUST then conduct a diluent flush to confirm the reading of the two active cells and abort the dive.

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