Welcome to the VR Computer Support Web SiteSentinel Rebreather

The purpose of the site is threefold. Firstly as a technical support tool for VR computer owners. Second, as marketing and sales tool for VR Technology dealers. Thirdly as an in depth guide to the range of VR computers for any diver or instructor considering VR computer purchase.

The site is an extensive tool to help the diver diagnose questions and find solutions for them during set up or diving of any VR computer and is designed to be demonstration lead from a point of view of problem resolution. This is achieved by a combination of written descriptions of the methods to diagnose and rectify issues (available in a variety of Languages) and the use of screen shot photographs and video segments showing the common problems being solved.

The site also covers the main areas of user service that can be achieved again with demonstration videos, parts photographs and descriptions. In addition the site contains an extensive selection of downloads for the diver.

Lastly if the VR computer user requires further technical support there is a contact drop down giving the option to email your question or enquiry to the dedicated VR computer support team or to submit a Goods Return Number (GRN) if you are sending a unit back for service.

As a VR computer diver this support site is your tool, so please use the contact form to inform us of any additional FAQ’s you may have.